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Dictionary 98 is a remake of the Dictionary program which came with OSX 10.4.

Dictionary 98 running on XP

Dictionary 98 running on OSX

Dictionary 98 running on OS 9

Dictionary 98 running on Linux

The Open in browser button has been replaced with a Open in iCab button.

The folder Data has to be in the same folder as the program. It needs to contain the dictionary file and the preferences. You may not delete the preferences.

Installing Dictionary 98

You can open the selected article in iCab:

Open article in browser

The preferences need to have the line endings that are standard on your computer.

Every line has 8 parts, separated by semicolons:

  1. Dictionary tag: must be unique.
  2. HTML tag.
  3. Font name or undefined.
  4. Font size or undefined.
  5. Italic: false, true or undefined.
  6. Bold: false, true or undefined.
  7. Underlined: false, true or undefined.
  8. Color or undefined.

These settings are used to generate the HTML pages.

These HTML pages are saved in the Saved articles folder in the same folder as the program.

Saved articles

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