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Deldat can delete the invisible files and folders that are created by Macintosh computers on removable media. The folders are underlined.

Mac OS computers use HFS or HFS+ with files that can have 2 parts: the data fork and the resource fork. When a file with a resource fork is copied to a Windows volume, then the resource fork is copied to a file with the same name in an invisible subfolder with the name RESOURCE.FRK. If you delete this file on a Windows computer, then the file in the RESOURCE.FRK folder will continue to exist.

Mac OS can also store an invisible file with the name FileID.dat to a Windows volume. This remedies problems with filenames which are longer than 31 characters.

If you use Mac OS to save files to a Windows volume and then you use Windows to change the directory structure then this can cause a name conflict when you use it again on Mac OS. It will complain that “the name is already taken” or it will change the filename to an older filename. The solution is to delete the FileID.dat file.

Deldat window

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