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Log Apple events will save Apple events as resources in a resource file. This file can then be translated to text and styled text.

The translator understands the following desc types:

  1. ‘aevt’ (Apple event)
  2. ‘bool’ (boolean)
  3. ‘crec’ (QuickDraw rectangle)
  4. ‘cRGB’ (RGB color)
  5. ‘doub’ (IEEE 64-bit floating point)
  6. ‘enum’ (enumeration)
  7. ‘exte’ (extended, Mac 80-bit float)
  8. ‘fss ’ (file system specification)
  9. ‘list’ (Apple event list)
  10. ‘long’ (32-bit signed long integer)
  11. ‘null’ (null event)
  12. ‘QDpt’ (QuickDraw point)
  13. ‘reco’ (Apple event record)
  14. ‘shor’ (16-bit signed long integer)
  15. ‘sing’ (IEEE 32-bit floating point)
  16. ‘TEXT’ (text)
  17. ‘type’ (fourcharcode)

Apple event log file opened in ResEdit


Drag Log Apple events to the system folder and restart.

Enable the caps lock key to start recording. Disable the caps lock key to stop recording.

The download contains detailed instructions.


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