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Log Apple events will save Apple events as resources in a resource file. This file can then be translated to text and styled text.

The translator understands the following desc types:

  1. ‘aevt’ (Apple event)
  2. ‘bool’ (boolean)
  3. ‘crec’ (QuickDraw rectangle)
  4. ‘cRGB’ (RGB color)
  5. ‘doub’ (IEEE 64-bit floating point)
  6. ‘enum’ (enumeration)
  7. ‘exte’ (extended, Mac 80-bit float)
  8. ‘fss ’ (file system specification)
  9. ‘list’ (Apple event list)
  10. ‘long’ (32-bit signed long integer)
  11. ‘null’ (null event)
  12. ‘QDpt’ (QuickDraw point)
  13. ‘reco’ (Apple event record)
  14. ‘shor’ (16-bit signed long integer)
  15. ‘sing’ (IEEE 32-bit floating point)
  16. ‘TEXT’ (text)
  17. ‘type’ (fourcharcode)

Apple event log file opened in ResEdit


1. The recording application

Start Log Apple events to start recording. Type q to stop recording.

It makes an Apple event log x.rsrc in its folder. For every ‘recr’ event or ‘recd’ event that it receives it will save the data handle as a resource.

When recording is on you will see a cassette icon in the Apple menu.

It’s capable of writing eventual error messages, unlike the previous versions.

If you interrupt the program with alt-command-escape while recording is on, then your computer may become very slow until you restart.

2. The translation application

The actual translation is done by a separate program because the recording application has to be as fast as possible.

There needs to be an Input folder in the same folder as the program.

It reads Apple event log.rsrc from the input folder.

There needs to be an Output folder in the same folder as the program.

It creates an Apple event log.txt in this folder with the recorded text followed by the translation of the event. It will also add ‘styl’/‘TEXT’ resources for the recorded text to Apple event log.rsrc. That’s why you can translate it only once, except if you remove the ‘styl’/‘TEXT’ resources. You may notice an end tell recorded text event after the last recorded event. This is normal.

Number format.txt has to be in the Settings folder. The number format string in Number format.txt has to match your settings in the Numbers control panel.

The Settings folder has to be in the same folder as the program.

Move Apple event log.rsrc to the same folder as the program before you start the program.


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