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Delete icon-MACS files is incompatible with desktop printers
because the Desktop Printer Manager extension
puts a folder with a custom icon on the desktop.
Delete icon-MACS files will quit
if the Desktop Printer Manager is present
because otherwise it will try to delete those icons
resulting in an ugly crash.


This is the normal width of the Name column in a list view:

Folder 1

If I create a new folder here then it won’t have a custom icon file.

If I expand the folder then the Name column becomes wider:

Folder 1 and 2

If I create a new folder here then it will have a custom icon file with a ‘colm’ resource.

These custom folder icons accumulate over time
ending in a catastrophic crash of your hard disk.

Delete icon-MACS files will delete ALL custom folder icon files from volumes that support the CatSearch procedure.

The extension searches icon files
with type and creator ‘icon’ / ‘MACS’.
If you change the type and/or creator of an icon file
then it will NOT be deleted.
Change the type and/or creator of icon files
that you want to keep.

Delete icon-MACS files is very efficient. It checks only volumes that have changed more than 9 seconds ago and the computer must be idle since more than 9 seconds. On my computer it uses 7 seconds per hour.


Drag Delete icon-MACS files to the system folder and restart.

If you start the program DebugWindow then you will see the activity of the program.

The following example shows what happened when I created a folder in a list view with a wider Name column:

Deleted custom icon file

The following example shows what happened when I copied 1706 files and folders from one volume to another.

Copy 1706 files and folders

The extension waited until the file copy was finished.

Delete icon-MACS files is an application extension.


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