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Some date and time functions of PLT-Scheme 1.0.1 are very slow compared to the built-in functions of the Mac OS.

This extension replaces these functions with the fastest solution.


The dates and times will be displayed like you chose in the Date & Time control panel.


It was written in C.

It’s PPC code.


Copy to the same folder as your source code and open the source code in DrScheme.

The extension replaces find-seconds and introduces 3 new functions:

  1. seconds->date-string
  2. seconds->time-string
  3. seconds->date-time-string


Example 1

Date time example

(load-extension "")
(load-extension "")

(define now (current-seconds))
(seconds->date-string now)
(seconds->time-string now)
(seconds->date-time-string now)

(define tomorrow (find-seconds 1 2 3 28 1 2011))
(seconds->date-time-string tomorrow)


"donderdag, 27 januari 2011"
"donderdag, 27 januari 2011, 2:35:54"
"vrijdag, 28 januari 2011, 3:02:01"


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