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AutoFlush 1.0

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This extension will protect you against losing your entire system file during a crash and against programs that forget to call UpdateResFile.

From Technical Note OS05:

Resource Fork Consistency patches (3.0)

Models Affected: All.

Customer Impact: The System file’s resource fork can become corrupted due to its resource map becoming inconsistent with what is on disk. This can be triggered by a power failure or a poorly timed system crash. The result is the infamous flashing question mark at start up.

Details: The fix is to patch UpdateResFile to set a flag when the System file is being updated and to patch SystemTask so that once or twice a second the cache will be flushed if the flag is set.

Well, it’s generally not so bad as the flashing question mark. I experienced that the computer started to behave oddly, like it doesn’t remove the rectangle from a window after dragging, or it doesn’t show the menu’s in some programs.

From the read me file:

What does AutoFlush do?

AutoFlush forces the system to flush the volume right after one of the critical resource manager calls is executed. Whenever the computer does the following calls, AutoFlush will make sure that the System volume is flushed right away:


How does AutoFlush work?

AutoFlush patches the five resource manager calls mentioned above, as well as SystemTask. Whenever one of those resource calls is made, AutoFlush sets a flag so that SystemTask will flush the system volume next time around. This is done so that if UpdateResFile calls WriteResource 50 times, we don’t flush the volume 50 times. That is, the flag is set, and when SystemTask is next called, the system volume is flushed. This procedure will prevent most of the system corruption that occurs.

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