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I need a WDEF which can draw Unicode text in the title bar.


Unicode WDEF test program

ZIP file icon UnicodeWDEF test program for Mac OS 9.2.2 (StuffIt X, 10.1 K)

The WDEF is functional, but the graphical details are still to do.

The grow box was not correct. I improved it.

Unicode WDEF test program with correct grow box

The WDEF is now ready for variable font and size and title bar height that can be chosen in the preferences.

The WDEF can draw a title in a Windows Unicode font.

If you install Windows Unicode fonts, then you can use those fonts in iCab. I tried this with Google Noto and it worked.

I improved it again.

Unicode font demo: window with title and contents in Unicode

I rewrote the WDEF with classes.

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