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Tiles can be generated without an internet connection.

You need a database with all the geographical data of the area in which you are interested.
Search OSM and the name of your country or region.
For example, on
This type of file ends usually with .osm.bz2.
Expand the file.

This file will be too big for Maperitive.
So we will select a part of it with the program osmconvert.exe.
Just type a and return.
It will ask you easy questions.

It will ask for the bounding box.
You can search this for example in an encyclopedia, but there are also websites where you can select a part of the map and then it shows the bounding box.
For example, on

Bounding box for Dendermonde and neighbouring cities

Instead you may also type the command

osmconvert input.osm -b=left,bottom,right,top --out-osm -o=output.osm

Start Maperitive, choose your smaller .osm file as the map source and remove the internet as a source.

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