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I need a disk refresh program.

PDF file icon Hard disk warning by Larry Jordan (23.2 K, 3 pages).

PDF file icon Refreshing hard disk storage by Larry Jordan (34.2 K, 6 pages).

Some hard disks don’t need to be refreshed because they automatically scan themselves when they are inactive. You can recognize these hard disks: there will be SMART attributes which mention offline data collection.

SMART data of WD drive on September 20, 2017


For Windows XP there’s the program DiskFresh from Puran software.

This is part of the documentation of this program:

PDF file icon About hard disk signal refresh by Donn Edwards (9.2 K, 2 pages).

Such a program can be written for Mac OS with example code from TestMoreDisks.c:

static OSErr ReadBlock(SInt16 drive, UInt32 blockNumber, void *blockBUffer)
    OSErr err;
    IOParam pb;

    pb.ioVRefNum = drive;
    pb.ioRefNum = MoreGetDriveRefNum(drive);
    pb.ioBuffer = blockBUffer;
    pb.ioReqCount = 512;
    pb.ioPosMode = fsFromStart;
    pb.ioPosOffset = blockNumber * 512;
    err = PBReadSync( (ParmBlkPtr) &pb );
    return err;

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